About Us

Cyber threats are closer than you think

The cloud and intelligent workplace have changed how enterprises store and share information. Enabling lower costs and improved collaboration has come with a price.

Internal misuse of sensitive information, rogue cloud environments, cyberespionage and human error are crippling the effectiveness of digital workplaces. As a result, data security and integrity are falling to the wayside.

Nucleus Cyber provides an AI-driven solution to data security

We created Nucleus Cyber to ensure that AI-driven security is at the core of the intelligent workplace. Our goal at Nucleus Cyber is to provide effective, intelligent security that minimizes data loss and misuse across your entire organization.

The NC Protect platform utilizes AI-driven security that is both content and context aware to automatically find, classify and secure unstructured data. We leverage and enhance existing Microsoft and other infrastructure investments with our product’s unmatched and sophisticated capabilities while maintaining a simple and intuitive user experience.

We enable enterprises to protect against inside threats from breaches, sensitive data misuse, unauthorized file access and corporate espionage, enabling enterprises to fully take advantage of the intelligent workplace.