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Secure Collaboration – The Impossible Paradox

Despite best efforts, the security solutions in use today are only partially effective at protecting sensitive data. A new approach is clearly needed. First, we must understand the impact of modern collaboration demands on information security, as we explore a more effective method to secure collaboration.

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User Training Alone is Not Enough to Prevent Insider Threats

A recent report from Cybersecurity Insiders looked at what companies believe are the drivers for insider attacks. The top answer – lack of user training. The solution to the problem most cited – more user training. However, more training alone isn’t the answer – training backed by automated enforcement is.

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Executives are often overlooked as security risks

We all know to secure personal information like personally identifiable information (PII), protected healthcare information (PHI) or financial data (e.g. credit card numbers). Companies with intellectual property also understand the importance making sure...

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