Information Barriers in Microsoft Teams

Get Flexible Information Barriers Not Possible Out of the Box
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Necessary for Legal Compliance, Not Realistic for Collaboration Needs

Collaboration tools have quickly expanded the need for restricting collaboration of other types of information between individual or groups of individuals including but not limited to intellectual property (IP), regulated data including personally identifiable information and healthcare information (PHI), and more.

For example, information barrier policies can be used for everyday collaboration scenarios to ensure users in a trader group do not communicate with the marketing team, finance personnel working on confidential company information should not communicate with certain groups within their organization, prevent an internal team with trade secret material from calling or chatting in Teams with people in certain groups within their organization, etc.

While this may seem easy enough to do using out-of-the-box tools, in reality they completely cut off all communications between these groups in any scenario.

The other limitation is that enabling OOTB Information Barriers in O365 requires Microsoft E5, E5 Compliance, or E5 Insider Risk Management subscriptions. And while many companies can benefit from information barriers, not every organization may be able to immediately upgrade their current subscription to access this useful, and in some industries mandated, capability.

Get Flexible Information Barriers Not Possible Out of the Box

NC Protect provides capabilities for the configuration and enforcement of information barriers, as well as controlling business data within their Microsoft collaboration environment. It provides the following add-on capabilities using existing Microsoft investments that many organizations have such as Azure Information Protection and Rights Management to:

  • Restrict specific types of collaboration between users/groups, but with enough flexibility to allow other types of communication.
  • Granularly control of blocking of chat or files within Teams without complex rules.
  • Control access in line with business rules for users from different operating companies or geographical regions beyond sole reliance on permissions.
  • Automatically secure access to content based on the creator of that content e.g. files created by an SVP or higher is restricted to users at that level of the organizational hierarchy or above.
  • Provide the data governance needed to control External/Guest access in Teams.

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