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Make it Intelligent. Make it People Centric. Make it Powerful.

Now you can also Make it Secure.

Safeguard your sensitive information against loss, misuse and unauthorized access with built-in intelligent access control and data-centric protection. Add conditional access and usage rights to your Intelligent Intranet to provide governance and security policies to secure every collaboration scenario and prevent loss, misuse and unauthorized access.

Collaborate with confidence in your Intelligent Intranet and Microsoft Teams using LiveTiles tools now protected with integrated data-centric security powered by Nucleus Cyber’s proven technology.

Secure Collaboration

Dynamically secure sensitive information in Microsoft Teams, Office 365 and your intranet using conditional access control and data protection.

Intranets and Portals

Create beautifully engaging sites on SharePoint, Office 365 and Azure allowing people to find and collaborate more easily but safe in the knowledge that sensitive data will be protected.

Virtual Assistants

Boost productivity with custom bots while ensuring that your bots don’t become a channel for accidental data leaks.

Intelligent Directory

Manage vital employee information and provide complete profile attributes that can be leveraged for conditional access and usage rights policies.

Govern Application Chaos and Secure Collaboration Data in Microsoft Teams


Help Users Work Efficiently and Securely in Teams

For many organizations Microsoft Teams (Teams) fills an essential gap for group communication and productivity, an area where other collaboration tools have fallen short. However, Teams sprawl, while excellent for organic adoption, can present governance and security challenges for organizations. When Teams is not managed properly it can lead to issues that damage the business value it delivers and leave the company exposed to risk from data misuse.

Gain control of governance and compliance

LiveTiles and Nucleus Cyber allow you to gain control of governance and compliance with Secure Collaboration for Teams to easily create and provision secure Teams sites from the start. Organizations gain fine-grained control of governance and information protection to enable secure collaboration. The solution prevents sprawl, keeps your self-service environment tidy, and provides granular data-centric protection for all your collaboration.

Secure Collaboration for Teams Benefits:

  • All Teams automatically adhere to company governance, compliance, data-centric privacy and security policies upon creation.
  • Create Teams with the appropriate settings and metadata to ensure findability and systematic governance.
  • Apply granular security to ensure sensitive/confidential files and chats are shared only with authorized internal and third party individuals and groups according to business policies.
  • Empower Team owners to apply additional granular protection over files and chat content directly from within the Teams UI reducing the need for IT resources.
  • Set-up Information Barriers between internal communities, such as business units, research groups and traders in financial securities companies to meet regulatory compliance.

Start Collaborating with Confidence

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File Shares

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