Nucleus Cyber Expands Data Protection Capabilities to Microsoft Teams and Yammer

NC Protect now identifies, secures sensitive data for enterprise social communications with intelligent, conditional access and security controls

BOSTON – May 14, 2018 – Nucleus Cyber, the intelligent data-centric security company for the modern workplace, announced it has extended NC Protect’s data discovery, conditional access and protection capabilities to Microsoft Teams and Yammer social collaboration tools to guard against insider threats, sensitive data misuse and exfiltration, as well as unauthorized file access and sharing.

The widespread adoption of Teams and Yammer for internal and external communication has dramatically increased the risk of malicious and inadvertent data misuse, sharing mishaps and breaches. 72% of companies surveyed by McKinsey Global Institute are using enterprise social tools, like Teams, to facilitate employee communication. While these tools improve how enterprises communicate and share information, collaboration comes with a price. According to another study, employee collaboration messages are 144% more likely to contain confidential information, 165% more likely to contain identification numbers and 6% more likely to contain passwords.

“Companies have embraced social collaboration tools to facilitate internal and partner communication and improve productivity, but that also means these platforms are teeming with sensitive data from intellectual property (IP) to customer data,” said Kurt Mueffelmann, CEO of Nucleus Cyber. “To combat the data security risks that come with enterprise social, NC Protect now secures Microsoft Teams and Yammer content to ensure only authorized parties can access and share sensitive information.”

NC Protect now extends its core content and context aware data protection controls available for SharePoint and Office 365 to the Teams and Yammer platforms. It dynamically adjusts access and protection to chat messages and file content within Teams and Yammer to ensure an organization’s sensitive data is being used, and shared, according to its unique regulations and policies.

Key new capabilities of NC Protect include:

  • Microsoft Teams and Yammer Support –
    • Automatically apply business policies to chat content and files as they are created and shared.
    • Identify and protect sensitive information being shared via Teams and Yammer.
    • Dynamically adjust data access and file protections based on both file content and user context.
    • Automatically encrypt data when the sharing scenario requires as per policy.
    • Enable private chats and file sharing within Teams.


  • Dynamic Watermark in Office Apps –
    • Dynamically adds a watermark to Word, PowerPoint, Excel and PDF documents.
    • Watermarks can be configured to contain any document or user information including the user’s name, and date and time of access.
    • Share and edit watermarked document contents, but not the watermark itself, for security and auditing purposes.

NC Protect’s Teams, Yammer and Office Dynamic Watermarking support are now available to customers to safeguard data and social collaboration in midsize to large enterprises, as well as industries with large amounts of regulated and highly sensitive data, including financial services, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, utilities and government.

About Nucleus Cyber

Nucleus Cyber is the intelligent data-centric security solution for the modern workplace providing dynamic, granular data security that leverages existing infrastructure investments. The NC Protect platform (formerly Security Sheriff) dynamically adjusts file security based on real-time comparison of user context and file content to enforce data governance policies for more secure collaboration. It minimizes data loss and misuse risk for a wide range of digital environments including SharePoint, Office 365, file shares, enterprise social systems and the cloud. For more information visit or follow @nucleuscyber.