New capabilities for advanced information barriers, security scopes, private channels and guest access secure information shared in Teams chats and files

BOSTON – June 25, 2020 – Nucleus Cyber, a provider of advanced information protection solutions, today announced the latest release of NC Protect with new security features and rapid deployment for Microsoft Teams. Advanced information barriers, security scopes, private channels and guest access controls simplify and enhance out of the box security to prevent data loss, misuse and unauthorized access to, and sharing of, business-critical information in Microsoft Teams files and chats.

Microsoft Teams (Teams) has seen explosive growth from 20M to over 75M users in the past few months to support remote work. However, a recent survey shows data loss has also spiked in the wake of remote work, stemming from downloads of “classified” company information and increases in the number of files being shared in chats and messages. With 74% of companies surveyed by Gartner planning to permanently shift some of their personnel to remote work, this presents a long-term information security challenge for many organizations.

“Companies have embraced Teams en masse to facilitate internal and guest collaboration during the pandemic, with many leaving security on the backburner to accelerate the transition to remote work. They also see the advantages of continuing this model after the crisis – making it crucial to plug information security gaps now,” said Kurt Mueffelmann, CEO of Nucleus Cyber. “NC Protect provides advanced information protection capabilities that leverage and enhance existing Microsoft security investments to provide a simpler, faster and cheaper solution to automatically identify and secure business-critical information in Teams. It ensures internal and external Teams users can collaborate securely from anywhere, now and in the future.”

NC Protect for Teams dynamically adjusts access to and protection of chats and files shared in Teams based on user and content attributes to ensure an organization’s business-critical data is being used and shared according to company policies and industry regulations.

New capabilities for Teams in NC Protect include:

  • Advanced Information Barriers – Out of the box Information Barriers completely cut off all communication and collaboration between users or groups of users. NC Protect’s flexible Information Barriers allow users to communicate and collaborate on permitted projects or topics, while simultaneously preventing unauthorized or accidental sharing of specific types of information between parties (e.g. trade secrets, insider information, etc.).
    • Selectively blocks chat and sharing of files via chat or the files tab between individuals or groups of users based on their user attributes or the content within the chat.
    • Removes tabs and apps from the Teams UI based on user attributes.
  • IT Friendly Private Channels provide the ability to simplify the creation and management of private channels to restrict access to specific individuals within a Team.
    • Restricts private channel access based on user attributes without increasing the number of site collections in SPO to support those channels.
    • Reduces admin overhead over time associated with managing large numbers of site collections and simplifies backup and lifecycle tasks.
  • Security Scopes are a set of information protection rules that can automatically be applied to Teams based on the team member, chat or file content and context to prevent accidental data leaks.
    • Automatically applies rule sets to multiple Teams or sites as content or member attributes change. For example, if a guest user is added, a Team can be automatically moved to a new scope and rules applied.
  • Guest access is simplified and more secure with the ability to automatically control what content guests can see in a Team based on their user attributes, eliminating the need to create separate Teams for guests to control access to specific types of content. For example, content that is marked “internal use only” can be hidden from guest users in the Team.
  • Simplified Install and Administration thanks to new capabilities within Microsoft APIs. NC Protect has been streamlined into a single Azure app to reduce deployment, run cost and administration time. It also features an updated user experience to simplify use and product training, as well as reduce the time needed for NC Protect administration.

The latest release of NC Protect is now available to customers to safeguard business-critical information in Teams and supports information protection in other Microsoft Office 365 apps including SharePoint, Teams, OneDrive, Exchange and Yammer.

About Nucleus Cyber

Nucleus Cyber is a provider of advanced information protection solutions that prevent data loss and protect against insider threats. The company’s NC Protect solution leverages existing technology investments to provide a simpler, faster and cheaper solution to tailor information protection for file sharing, messaging and chat across collaboration tools. For midsize to large enterprises and regulated industries it protects business-critical content in cloud collaboration tools Microsoft Office 365—SharePoint, Teams, OneDrive, Exchange and Yammer, plus Dropbox, Nutanix Files and Windows file shares. For more information visit or follow @nucleuscyber.