Webinar: 5 Tips for Securing Guest Access in Microsoft Teams

This on demand webinar provides valuable information on the challenges, best practices and tools to Secure Guest Access in Teams.

Webinar: 4 Tips for Securing Information in Microsoft Teams

This on demand webinar provides the four critical steps for information security in Teams and steps to reduce accidental or malicious exposure of business-critical information during collaboration.


Webinar: 5 Must Haves for Microsoft Teams Adoption and Data Security

This recorded webinar provides guidance on how to roll out a Teams intranet with governance and data security built-in from the start to guarantee adoption and secure collaboration. 


Webinar: Understanding Insider Threats and 4 Ways to Stop Them

Watch this recorded webinar to learn the Key findings of the 2019 Insider Threat Report and four steps you can take to protect your content from insider threats.



Video: NC Protect for Microsoft Overview

See how NC Protect’s advanced information protection capabilities prevent data breaches, unauthorized file access and accidental sharing in M365 apps, Windows File Shares and more — simpler, faster and cheaper.


Video: NC Protect Integration with Azure Information Protection

Learn how by combining Microsoft Information Protection labels with NC Protect’s dynamic access and secure collaboration rules you gain expanded protection and control over all collaboration and enterprise social data.


Video: NC Protect for Nutanix Files Overview

See how NC Protect provides Nutanix Files users with unmatched information protection capabilities to prevent accidental sharing, data misuse and loss, while maintaining a simple and intuitive user experience that empowers you to start securing information in hours, not days or weeks.

White Papers


eBook: 8 Tips to Prevent Oversharing and Insider Threats in Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams can potentially leave you exposed to data breaches from accidental sharing of the wrong files or sharing sensitive info with the wrong Team. We’ve put together 8 tips on how to collaborate freely without risking your sensitive information.


White Paper: Secure Collaboration – The Impossible Paradox

Despite best efforts, the security solutions in use today are only partially effective at protecting sensitive data. A new approach is clearly needed. This white paper will explores a modern approach to tackling data security.


White Paper: 5 Data Security Challenges to Modern Collaboration

Today’s data security and protection needs have changed as collaboration has moved data beyond the office and corporate firewalls, cybersecurity threats have increased and data protection regulations have evolved. Explore the challenges and tips for balancing security and collaboration needs.


Solution Brief: NC Protect - Adding Value to Microsoft Investments

Discover why customers rely on NC Protect to enhance and add additional capabilities to their Office 365 apps including Teams, SharePoint (on-premises and Online), OneDrive, and Yammer, to safeguard against data loss, misuse, and accidental sharing.


White Paper: Dynamic Security in SharePoint with NC Protect

Enable collaboration without compromising security. Gain a better understanding of how to apply user and file context to drive dynamic policy-based SharePoint security using NC Protect.

2019 Insider Threat Report

The 2019 Insider Threat Report from Cybersecurity Insiders reveals the latest trends and challenges facing organizations, how IT and security professionals are dealing with risky insiders and preparing to better protect their critical data and IT infrastructure.


Infographic: 5 Ways Remote Work Fuels Data Loss

Get the facts about this alarming trend and the steps your organization can take to address data loss that has been amplified by working from home.

Infographic: Identifying The Top Insider Threats to Data Security

Every organization has them. Discover the insiders inadvertently (and deliberately) putting you at risk bypassing governance and training, misusing privileges, stealing IP, sharing confidential data with unauthorized parties, and simply making innocent mistakes.

Infographic: Managing Security in Office 365 & SharePoint

This infographic provides steps for effectively manage information security and data governance; from defining your strategy to using NC Protect to enforce compliance and apply intelligent security to SharePoint, Office 365 and file share content. 

Case Studies


Customer Success Stories by Industry

See how NC Protect helps customers in every industry secure data and meet compliance.


NC Protect is the RX for Secure Teams Collaboration at this Biopharmaceutical

After implementing Teams to fuel collaboration internally and with outside partners, this biopharmaceutical company needed a solution to protect its highly valuable intellectual property (IP), FDA regulated clinical trials of medicines in development, and other sensitive company information in Teams.


Cogentrix Secures Access to Sensitive Information in SharePoint with NC Protect

When it comes to securing highly confidential data, see why Cogentrix says “Nucleus Cyber’s product was a perfect fit. The solution was too good to be true offering us exactly the security we needed.” 

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